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How Safe is the Buyers Earnest Money Deposit?

How safe is the Buyers Earnest Money Deposit with an escrow company? Today the Buyers Earnest Money Deposit is relatively safe due to many “protections” built into the purchase contract. The default timeline for Buyer Contingencies is 17 days for the majority of the contingencies and 21 days for the Loan Contingency. These timelines are referred to as the due diligence period. Today unlike years ago our contract operates with what is called an “Active Removal of Contingencies”. This active method is where the Buyer actually must remove the contingencies actively; with a signature. For the contingencies that align with the 17 day time period an actual document called “Removal of Contingencies” is signed for the majority of the contingencies and the longest running contingency; loan contingency is also removed in writing on day 21. Until all contingencies are removed in writing the earnest money held by the escrow company is to be returned with a signed cancellation of escrow. Working with a competent agent and certified escrow company will result in a safe environment for the Buyers Earnest Money Deposit.

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