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Why Randy?

Getting to know Randy

Randy Ora began his career in 1997 and while the average agent sold 4 homes per year, Randy sold a staggering 36 properties his first year in the business earning him “Rookie of the Year”. Randy continued his impressive track record growing his business based on success with his clients and his culture of client care. With career sales approaching 3/4 Billion Dollars and nearly 1,000 properties sold, Randy has earned the unique distinction of the only Realtor in South Orange County to be awarded the “Quadruple Legends Award” for the company for 24+ consecutive years of impressive sales in 2020. If you were to ask Randy what sets him apart it would have to be his sharp negotiating skills learned while running the family corporation at an early age plus his marketing approach to listing homes. Randy’s unique proven marketing method helps homeowners sell their homes faster and for more money than conventionally listed properties. Randy simply treats each client like they are the only one who matters and stays focused on his clients’ needs.